Purchase in instalments

How do you select to purchase in instalments?

If you are resident in Switzerland, just select "Rechnung / Facture / Invoice" as the payment method at checkout. We will take care of the rest.

What will happen afterwards?

You will receive an automatic email with the order confirmation. This means that we have successfully received your order and we need to validate it.

How does the order validation process work?

First, your data are processed by our financial partners. They might accept or not the order. If they accept it, we will contact you via phone to confirm that the order is accepted and we will ask you again to confirm that you really want us to deliver the order.

In case the order is not accepted we will inform you via email and cancel the order.

What are the reasons the order is not accepted?

There are various possible reasons, and we will not obtain detailed information. The reasons could be for example:

  • you are not resident in Switzerland
  • you are under 18 years old
  • there are no data about your person at the address indicated
  • you are late with some other payment

What happens after the order is shipped?

We ship the order with an insured and tracked package requiring a signature at delivery. We will need you to confirm via email within 5 days of receipt that you are happy with the products.
After this, in a few days, you will receive an envelope via mail from our financial partner with all documentation to start your instalment plan.
You will find a document to be signed and returned to the financial partner. In case of doubt, you can contact us or them.

What are the conditions of the instalment plan?

At the moment we offer very special conditions:

  • For others up to 500 CHF max 3 instalments (minimum 100 CHF per month)
  • For orders above 500 CHF payment in up to 12 instalments (minimum 100 CHF per month)
  • For orders above 5000 CHF we might require you to advance 10-15% of the amount (by credit card or bank wire)
  • Interest-free in all cases
  • Just postage costs applies

Why the process is so articulated?

In recent years we are experiencing a big increase in online fraud. Frauds have been made against us or people close to us. Fraudsters are very creative but the main thing they do is steal personal data from unwary people and use these to make purchases. So the risk is that a person receives a charge for something has never ordered.

The other reason is that we sell high-value products so we want to make sure you want to go ahead with the purchase.

So the answer is: we have this process to protect both of us.


For any questions please contact us